Model Animals and Cell Lines
Mouse xenograft tumor growth and treatment by intraperitoneal injection and Oral Gavage ESCC, colon, lung, pancreatic, breast, thyroid normal and cancer cell lines, drosophila S2 cell line.
Immunization injection (rabbit, mouse) Human primary GBM cell lines
Transgene fly lines (site specific gene targeting) Established radioresistant cancer cell lines
Cell Biology
Cell culture and transfection Cell proliferation assay
Lentivirus production and target cell transduction Colony formation assay
Cell culture surface coating Cell invasion assay
Cell cycle analysis by flow cytometry Foci formation assay/immunofluorescent
Matrigel 3D cell culture Comet assay
Cell viability assay
Biochemistry and Molecular Bilogy
Cloning and sub-cloning Luciferase reporter assay
In-fusion advantage PCR cloning Home-made PCR protocol to test mycoplasma contamination of cell
Genomic DNA extraction from cell and tissue Mitochondrial membrane potential (JC1)
Southern blot Mitochondrial ROS assay
Protein extraction and fractionation of culture cells Seahorse assay
Mitochondrial isolation from cell culture and tissue Oxygen consumption assay
Western blot and protein gel staining ATP assay
Immunoprecipitation ADP/ATP ratio assay
Protein pull-down assay GSH/GSSG ratio assay
RNA extraction from cell and tissue, qRT-PCR Glucose reporter assay
RNA pull-down assay Glucose uptake and lactate production assay
ChIP-PCR Mass Spec of Metabolomics
Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
Drosophila Genetics
Establish transgene fly lines (targeted gene mutation) RNA in situ hybridization in Drosophila Embryo
GAL4-UAS reporter system Confocal imaging
RNA Protein double staining in Drosophila Embryo Bioinformatics: Flybase, BLAT, EvoPrinter
Polyclonal antibody production: intraperitoneal (IP) injection of purified human protein into rabbit and collection of blood of immunized animals.
Monoclonal antibody production: i.p. injection of synthesized small peptide and isolation of spleen cells from immunized mice.
Fusion of spleen cells with immortal myeloma cells
Culture of hybridoma cells
Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)